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We don’t treat diseases

We don’t treat diseases, we treat the people who suffer from diseases. ~ Avicenna, The Physician movie There are many ways to consider health and well-being. Interestingly, Avicenna’s ethos fits in with my approach to my practitioner work, and treatment. Anyone can treat symptoms, but, building a considered and caring care package for the individual, […]

It comes to us All!

Madeleine Black has inspired me to share about my stage time at the Professional Speaking Association in London in September 2018. Professional speakers are a tough crowd. They’re also the most supportive crowd, too. My topic is funerals – I am a Funeral Celebrant – and funerals and death are something we all face at […]

About: Transitions

After death, taxes and breathing, change is one of life’s constants. The big changes can be called transitions, moments when life so significantly, in either direction; uplifting or saddening experiences. However they arrive, transitions will always disrupt life. And they always bring opportunity for something new by their presence. Examples include: a new relationship, marriage, […]

Healing a Broken Heart

There has always been a raft of ideas and beliefs surrounding how we (do, ought or should) fit into the world or the culture we live in. Ideas that together bring both security, as they provide guidelines that confirm the place we occupy, and clarity about who we are and that we fit. That is […]