Month: May 2019

The Power of Strategy in Life and Business

Recent meetings, conversations and influences have pointed me towards the power and importance of living by a conscious set of choices, constructed on a foundation or basis of a strategy. Someone recently pointed to my being “like a rosebud, with a (self-imposed) elastic band around it” so unable to open and be a whole, self-expressed […]

Be free from the basement

From personal experience, it’s easy to dwell in the basement of living. No matter how good it gets, how life becomes the dream, safe and wonder-filled, the basement can always kick in and take over. In the basement lives all the perceived truth about the fears, the dreads, the skeletons and the darkness of the […]

Write when you’re raw

There’s a recommendation to write when raw, skinned alive by circumstance and the slings and arrows of life. To unload and unburden when there’s nothing to lose. Today, I choose to unload and to see what’s away inside that drowns my sense of wonder; that derails the beauty ever ready to step out and shine. […]

Being the difference

When wisdom was lost, knowledge was found When knowledge was lost, information was found When information was lost, data was found… This saying reflects much of my recent thinking. I observe what appears an addiction going on in the world around me that’s very set on finding the “right method” to make it, regardless. Regardless […]