Understand Life Transitions & How to Manage Them

Life Transitions
My recommendation to anyone who needs support and wisdom in their personal lives and in order to keep on track professionally, talk to Benn.
- Reverend Noel Lockyer-Stevens

Life Transitions Happen

Transition and change are what life is all about. Your life will be all-change, all of the time. You’ll not notice most transitions such as ageing, time of day, the wear of clothes; whilst some will smack you in the face by their very suddenness and their effects will ripple throughout your life.

Your life has three constants:

  •  Breathing – when you exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, it’s very simple, you’re alive with resources to deal with the world. Conscious and appreciative breathing is a simple act that brings so much benefit
  • Thinking – if you’re alive, you’re thinking, mostly subconsciously. How you feel follows how you think: feeling angry? You’re having angry thoughts. Feeling happy? You’re having happy thoughts. Your thinking creates your reality. Your ability to think is powerful. It can be used to build and create wonder or breakdown and destroy life…
  • Problems (transitions*) – sometimes, a split-second is all it takes for change to happen. Large or small, transitions arrive stealthily, blatantly and change so much, so quickly, leaving you with the fallout.

How you can re-gain your life

Simple fact: Your life is full of transitions.

Some will be joyous – you finding love, having children, sharing victories and achieving goals. Sad irony: positive changes can be hard for you to deal with (ask newlyweds or massive lottery winners).

Others will be traumatic – you’re rejected, made redundant, become bereaved or experience a sudden illness affecting yourself or your loved ones.

Focusing on the traumatic:

sudden changes include – health, bereavement, a relationship ending, losing a job, a terrible diagnosis

gradual changes include – the end of an era, the end of a life, a slow fade away of what was known.

Each transition is: what you knew to be certain of has disappeared like a puff of smoke in a breeze.

Being aware of single or cumulative transitions may prove too difficult to deal with and force you to re-evaluate your life. The details of the transitions you face are unique to you; the problem is always about how you feel and how you deal with them.

You gaining clarity on how you relate to your world is powerful. That’s what Transitions Mentoring is all about.

Transitions Mentoring:

the Re-Gain Your Life Service


In Practice

Not every person who is challenged emotionally requires reassurance, care, support and considered kindness; if you do, however, transitions mentoring will empower you towards clarity.

Your mentor will aid you through your process. Together with a combination of tools, questions and exploration, you’ll get greater clarity to deal with whatever challenges you and your world.

What you get, what you gain

  • you get support, respect and listened to, so you can feel grounded in the place you are right now
  • you’re encouraged to recognise your own potential
  • you’ll be guided with empathy on your journey to achieve your potential.

Where Transitions Mentoring Makes a Difference

Divorce & Separation

Support for you as you go through a divorce or separation, a relationship dissolving – marital or business. Empowering you to create a stable foundation to build a new life upon.

Dying, Death & Bereavement

Caring for you whilst you’re affected by grief due to the dying and/or death of someone close. Bereavement can be powerful by its presence in life whilst a kind, empathetic and understanding ear, can be incredibly supportive and transformative click here

Serious Illness

Encouraging you to find strength and resources to deal with the effects serious illness is having on your life and finding ways to be empowered regardless of the circumstances.

Any Situation or Time of Change

Helping you to get your head (and emotions) around change. When you face the effects of change, sometimes requires you sharing how you feel, being heard and being guided through your process of understanding how you’ll live on as the change reverberates through your life.

Recent Testimonials

Thank you Benn. I feel very humbled. Thank you for the huge amount of kindness and support you have given me since (our) first meeting. For anybody reading this let me just say that Benn is a really great guy and very definitely a good man to have on your side. If you haven’t yet connected with him you should. You will be honoured.
- Mike Turner / Dr. Mick

I was part of a virtual boardroom with Benn and his contributions to all our problems were extremely insightful, often cutting through all the c**p and revealing a simple thought or concept we hadn’t even considered.

He doesn’t babble, just asks very specific and caring questions. A rare skill. Thank you for making me think differently.

- Lesley Morrissey


As someone whose field seems to be in the area of helping people through all kinds of challenges, I think that I have run into an individual who truly embodies a talent for insightful and caring communication about the core issues we all face. He has reopened my eyes to the possibility of networking- but also to other areas of my life, also important.
- Johnny Blue Star

For those who haven’t met Benn, he lives by the Law of The Garbage Truck and more, it’s an absolute joy, and a lesson, to be around him and to watch him interacting with people in everyday life.

(The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others)

- Andrew Horder

Joyful Genius

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Transitions Mentoring

Transitions include the pain, grief and confusion of a lost relationship, a lost known, a death; facing your own vulnerability and so much more.

You have resources and resilience to deal with these issues, though they need marshalling to get you through.

A Solution:

Choose a service that enables you to dip into and deal with your life changes, transitions, bereavements, turmoils and confusions. Do this and you’ll attain incredibly powerful results and clarity click here


Midlife, from 35 – 65, is a pincer time. You become aware of your aging and mortality; and the complexities of aging parents, children, relationships and dying, death and grief.

By midlife, you’re expected to have the answers to everything life throws your way. However, your emotions, your sense of sanity and your ability to cope are hindered by your losses and heartbreaks.

A Solution:

Holistic Midlifer Life-Changing Packages are bespoke services, personalised to you and your needs.
You choose the options for your needs: herbal medicine, personalised mentoring and care to explore and find your own sense of well-being click here

End of Life & Living Funerals

Each experience of end of life is totally individual, independent and unique. For those hale in mind, yet frail of body, this can provide an ideal opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones. To lift a glass and to laugh, cry, reminisce, touch, hug, to have one last dance.

A Solution:

Living funerals or “awake wakes” are special, well-held spaces for you to be in the company of friends and family, making memories; sharing love and remembering the beauty of life, even as life is fading. You celebrate your life together unrestricted by chapel times and death getting in the way click here

Dealing with Death

The one thing we know for sure at death is that the person we knew is no more. And, it’s losing that personality that makes for such a difficult time. We can no longer love them the way we did; their hands are cold, their heart no longer beats. There is silence where once there was vibrant energy.

With death comes taboos – don’t discuss it; it may be contagious; ignore it; fear it; don’t acknowledge it, that way death can’t overwhelm you.

The old customs encourage not talking about the painful, frightening things of life, and there are no rules of how you “should” deal with your feelings and pain, though many people may tell you how to, ought or should fix your mind, thoughts and feelings.

How would you like to feel? Liberated, released from the darkness of the pain?

A Solution:
Regain perspective of your life by airing what you’re thinking and feeling with a person detached from the rest of your world. From this, you can release emotions bottled up, whilst you feel cared and safe. Click here


Death has many, often sombre, formalised rituals and traditions that don’t suit everyone. The landscape of funerals is moving towards personalised services the life of the person who has died, and the needs of the people saying goodbye to them.

Modern choices include rituals that are either secular or non-religious, some with spirituality included, some no elements of spirituality or religion at all.

A Solution:

You may need a completely different experience from the established way of doing a funeral. If that is true, create and design a funeral you’ll cherish and value; work with a professional and get just what you need click here

Grief & Bereavement

How you deal with grief and bereavement is very individual. They in your life whenever any loss happens, not just because of death e.g. at the end of a friendship, relationship; a career or job role; retirement; moving home; a health crisis, to name a few.

One description of grief is “heartbreak”, an experience of devastating, one that can influence a lifetime, to become so ingrained it’s invisible.

How you respond to these knocks of life and death depends on your resilience and perspective.

A Solution:
When you gain a fresh perspective, you arrive at a place you can deal with something that traps you, is released. Click here

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