Life's Greatest Challenges are Times of Dying, Death and the Transitions Midlifers Face

Dying, Death, Bereavement, and Transitions (times of change) all challenge our ability to deal with life and what it throws at us, often when we feel at our worst or most raw and vulnerable.

Knowing how to face or manage your life whilst you have to face these issues is complex at the best of times, though they usually arrive when you have no time or even capacity, to deal with them…

What you’ll find on this site is information and services designed to support, help, reassure and encourage you to get through these complexities and nightmares, with as much dignity and poise as possible.

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Would somebody please tell that Benn Abdy-Collins… that what he dismisses as “just common sense” is actually a rare and precious awareness of the needs of his fellow man?

– Andrew Horder,  Opportunity Matrix
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Dying, Death, Bereavement & Funeral Celebrancy

  • Dying, Death and Bereavement are never easy to deal with, face or to discuss click here to explore more options
  • And, having to organise and manage a funeral and all that brings, is always easier with professional support
  • Packages and services are a mix of options - information, pre-planning funerals, "living" funerals, support, written funerals, hosted and delivered funerals - click here for more information or contact me to ask

Holistic Midlifer Life-Changing Packages

  • Midlife challenges can be many. A bespoke service rich in dealing with them, priceless.
  • Challenges can include: bereavement, relationship breakdowns, loss on any level, financial worries, anxiety and depression and seeking meaning and life clarity…
  • Packages and services are a mix of options - herbal medicine, personalised mentoring and bespoke care to explore and find your own personal clarity click here

Transitions Mentoring

  • Life can be tough! Any pressures we face can and do affect all of our life experience (no matter how we work to avoid or suppress the effects).
  • Dipping into a personalised care service to deal with life's changes, transitions, bereavements, turmoils and confusions can prove incredibly powerful. click here

Western Herbal Medicine & VEGA Testing

  • Feeling under par or dragged down by symptoms, fatigued or need some support?
  • Holistic Western Botanical Medicine and Vega Testing are a unique way to restore balance to your sense of wellbeing.
  • More information:click here

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