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The Middle Years of life are not simple and it’s common to start asking questions because you want to understand your life more!

  • Is this all there is?
  • What’s really going on?
  • Is there a purpose in all I’ve been through?
  • How will I deal with the future and all that it brings?
  • I’ve achieved so much, yet feel unfulfilled – how can I change this?
  • Do I believe what I thought I knew?
  • How can I find a clarity and purpose in what I do?
  • Is this humdrum – work, play, do; rinse and repeat – really all there is?
  • What is my why? And, how can I find a reason or purpose in my life?

I’ve been in my middle years for a while now. Personally, they prove to be a time to make sense of all I’ve been through. They provide an opportunity to consolidate myself and my life experiences into an increasingly authentic “me”.

I believe that I’m not the only one looking to make sense of their midlife and their world.

If you’re similar to me, I encourage you to explore your future starting here.

It’s time to move ahead with a new clarity in your life – you deserve to understand yourself and to live more effectively!

Being a Midlifer (35 – 65) comes with life experience

Much is behind you and much is to come. Fairly predictable things you’ve faced so far:

  • Seeking a sense of identity and a place in the world
  • Building a life at work, at home (and possibly a family)
  • Successes and failures at work, at home, in relationships
  • Bereavements: family, friends and things lost along the way
  • Health challenges on many possible levels – both yours and your loved ones
  • Stress, worry, fear and traumas in your mind, your body and even your spirit
  • Money has come and gone; sometimes with an epic loss or gain that’s stretched coping limits to the edge.

Things you will face in time:

  • Loss of your youth and being aware of your mortality and those of those you love – your parents, your partners, even your children; and your vitality, your place in life and in the world as you age.

Reflections, Realisations & Questions:

  • Who am I? What’ve I really achieved in my life? How can I make a difference?
  • I can’t change the past, what can I do in the future?
  • (Possibly) Is there’s any point going on without my partner, my status, my youthfulness?
  • Am I happy in the world I know? Am I fulfilled? If not, what needs to change?

Time marches onwards and we will age but, will we get wiser?

There’s much to be said for silver-haired wisdom. It may become hidden under layers of life stress and being busy, but wisdom is always available. You can tap into it anytime to find the answers you need.

Once re-found and renewed, with your wisdom the three “V”s (vitality, vim and vigour) can re-emerge. Together, you and I can explore and find ways for the three “Vs” to realise themselves.

It's Time to Re-Find Your Magic: are YOU up for it?

Let’s be very, very clear: you were born with magic, beauty and wisdom, no matter how cynical you’ve become in life.

Your magic is yours – whatever beliefs, faith, spirituality or no spirituality you hold – beneath the noise, that amazing you only awaits interaction.

You do not need to learn something new. It’s more simple – you only need to release some of what you have learnt.

Get curious and adventurous; work with me and re-find what’s ALREADY there!

Be Really Heard

Remember how you feel when someone really pays attention and deeply engages with you? When you are really listened to, you can unpack whatever’s in your way; you can hear what you need to say, when you’re heard like never before.

Re-Find Your Courage

You’ve reached your midlife, you’ve faced many, many difficult times and challenges, though you’ve likely forgotten how you got through. You’ve risen to and dealt with situations you never dreamt you ever could or would. Now is the time to remember that agility, and to move forward.

Take Time to Explore

Children are naturally curious – they and their imagination explore the world around them. They ask questions, poke, prod and make their own world maps. Now is your opportunity to check your childhood maps and re-draw what needs attention.

Exercise What's Inside

“Doing” exercise is a complex issue. You may have tried some of these fixes: going to the gym, doing this or doing that in your mind, yoga practice or following directions in a book – but how many honestly stuck or made you a deeply different person?

You are a human being not a human doing and (ironically) you do not need “fixing” – you need a challenge to re-focus your attention, thinking and beliefs. When you return to exercise what’s real inside you, all the other exercises bring benefit.

Rebalance Your WellBeing

Health is such a tricky topic, with many views on what being healthy means. If you have health issues – physical, emotional or spiritual – they will and do influence or reduce any sense of wellbeing you have. Dealing with any of them will improve your life. That’s where herbal medicine, food intolerance testing and health & wellbeing coaching prove powerful tools to aid your recovery.

Return to Your Power

When you know your self – your real motivations, your truth (as you see it), your needs, your hopes and your dreams – from an overview of clarity, you return to your personal power. How? Because you’ve chosen to engage, to be heard, to be courageous, to explore, and to re-balance your health and wellbeing. That’s real power!

My experience working with Benn was extremely pleasant. He helped me see the bigger picture in analyzing my health and working on my journey with grief. Benn’s ease in which he communicates was a very friendly, concerned and helpful manner that made me feel like he truly did look out for each individual customer of his, tailoring to their needs
- Kate Connerty - Film Assistant

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Transitions Mentoring

Transitions include the pain, grief and confusion of a lost relationship, a lost known, a death; facing your own vulnerability and so much more.

You have resources and resilience to deal with these issues, though they need marshalling to get you through.

A Solution:

Choose a service that enables you to dip into and deal with your life changes, transitions, bereavements, turmoils and confusions. Do this and you’ll attain incredibly powerful results and clarity click here


Midlife, from 35 – 65, is a pincer time. You become aware of your aging and mortality; and the complexities of aging parents, children, relationships and dying, death and grief.

By midlife, you’re expected to have the answers to everything life throws your way. However, your emotions, your sense of sanity and your ability to cope are hindered by your losses and heartbreaks.

A Solution:

Holistic Midlifer Life-Changing Packages are bespoke services, personalised to you and your needs.
You choose the options for your needs: herbal medicine, personalised mentoring and care to explore and find your own sense of well-being click here

End of Life & Living Funerals

Each experience of end of life is totally individual, independent and unique. For those hale in mind, yet frail of body, this can provide an ideal opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones. To lift a glass and to laugh, cry, reminisce, touch, hug, to have one last dance.

A Solution:

Living funerals or “awake wakes” are special, well-held spaces for you to be in the company of friends and family, making memories; sharing love and remembering the beauty of life, even as life is fading. You celebrate your life together unrestricted by chapel times and death getting in the way click here

Dealing with Death

The one thing we know for sure at death is that the person we knew is no more. And, it’s losing that personality that makes for such a difficult time. We can no longer love them the way we did; their hands are cold, their heart no longer beats. There is silence where once there was vibrant energy.

With death comes taboos – don’t discuss it; it may be contagious; ignore it; fear it; don’t acknowledge it, that way death can’t overwhelm you.

The old customs encourage not talking about the painful, frightening things of life, and there are no rules of how you “should” deal with your feelings and pain, though many people may tell you how to, ought or should fix your mind, thoughts and feelings.

How would you like to feel? Liberated, released from the darkness of the pain?

A Solution:
Regain perspective of your life by airing what you’re thinking and feeling with a person detached from the rest of your world. From this, you can release emotions bottled up, whilst you feel cared and safe. Click here


Death has many, often sombre, formalised rituals and traditions that don’t suit everyone. The landscape of funerals is moving towards personalised services the life of the person who has died, and the needs of the people saying goodbye to them.

Modern choices include rituals that are either secular or non-religious, some with spirituality included, some no elements of spirituality or religion at all.

A Solution:

You may need a completely different experience from the established way of doing a funeral. If that is true, create and design a funeral you’ll cherish and value; work with a professional and get just what you need click here

Grief & Bereavement

How you deal with grief and bereavement is very individual. They in your life whenever any loss happens, not just because of death e.g. at the end of a friendship, relationship; a career or job role; retirement; moving home; a health crisis, to name a few.

One description of grief is “heartbreak”, an experience of devastating, one that can influence a lifetime, to become so ingrained it’s invisible.

How you respond to these knocks of life and death depends on your resilience and perspective.

A Solution:
When you gain a fresh perspective, you arrive at a place you can deal with something that traps you, is released. Click here

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