Funeral Testimonials

What people say about my work as a funeral celebrant – from my families, my funeral arrangers, my tutor:

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my family, for the lovely job that you did for us yesterday. It all went smoothly and we were very happy with our Dad’s service… 

Terry J.

Many thanks for all your help over the last week and especially yesterday.  You really were an immense help to me guiding me into the unknown and taking the time to really find out as much as you could about my lovely Uncle.   The celebration of Michael’s life went as well as I could possibly have hoped and everyone commented on how well it represented him and that he would have approved – I could ask for nothing more.

Catherine J.

Hi Benn

Both my mum and I wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was a lovely service and everyone who came said it was a fitting send off for Dad.

We have very special memories which will help us through this difficult time.

Sarah O.


We couldn’t have made it through the day without Benn’s help and expertise – after spending time with us, the portrayal of Nige’s life that he delivered on the day was excellent and a truely fitting tribute to him.  Benn’s compassion and professionalism exceeded our expectations.

Many thanks again for everything.

Lynda D.


Many, many thanks for all the hard work that went into the arrangements for my dad’s funeral. It really paid off and the service went smoothly.

We were all very appreciative of the care, respect and detailed preparation that went into every aspect of the service.

Once again thank you.

Show Han/Sue-Han

Dear Benn

 Thank you very much for doing Alan’s funeral.  We really appreciated you taking the time and effort to make it just right for us and Alan.

 You managed to pitch the funeral at just the right tone, and helped to make sure all the family felt important and included.

 You took a lot of the stress out of the planning stages, and of course on the day, everything ran very smoothly.

 The other thing was getting the order of the service right for us, and making sure everything was agreed and scripted so we all knew exactly what was going to happen on the day.

 Best regards

 Philippa and relatives and friends of Alan Davey

Philippa D.

Many thanks, Benn 

Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few weeks. Someone at the service was so shocked to learn you had never met my Nanny and so that just goes to show how much you were able to capture her and all she stood for. For that I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you for everything!

 Best wishes, 

Kirstie W.

Thank you so much for making Peter’s Service so special . I am very grateful for your work .


Monika , M and A


Benn captured the true spirit of our mother after only meeting us a few weeks before and getting a brief history of her life.

He was our strength and backbone when we were in the depths of grief.

We’re also very grateful for the way that Benn handled our 10 year old grandson, our mother’s great grandson. Benn was so kind and supportive to him when he did his reading.

Benn worked tirelessly until he knew we were happy with the wording and his patience and kindness was heart-warming.

Finally, after the cremation Benn joined us for the celebration of our mum’s life where he mingled with family and friends as though he was a lifelong friend.

Fantastic. A wonderful man.

Steve W Johnston

First chance I’ve had to say a huge thank you for your very well delivered service for my parents on Thursday. It was spoken of in kind at the reception afterwards.

Many thanks again.

Emma T.

Hi Benn

I felt compelled to write (type) and let you know how pleased I was with the service that you provided for my late brother, M. The words of the Eulogy were, ‘Spot on’ and what you said and just as importantly, the way that you said it, epitomised the very character of him. This is not just my opinion but also that of my family. I also had many of those present come up to me afterwards and express how well your words captured the Michael they knew and remembered. Throughout the process that followed the unexpected death of my brother I have come up against hurdles, difficulties and delays, but as soon as you became involved there seemed to be a calming hand on the tiller and events ran smoothly – this can be no coincidence. Your helpful, approachable and ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude was so reassuring. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our gratitude for the service you gave but never the less we do sincerely thank you…

Tony & Family


Many thanks for your work on P’s funeral last week. I think your presentation, combined with John’s piece, was a fitting tribute for P. 

Regards, Mike


Hi Benn

Thanks for your help and guidance yesterday. A sad day with a good mate. Was nice to see so many there. I know I lost it a bit. But just about got away with it.

Don G.


Thank you so much for all your contribution and support to my Mother’s farewell on Friday.

Our family and friends have been writing to all of us and saying how Mum would have been so proud for making it so personal.

And how it was the loveliest service they had been to.

I have sent an email to Claudia too (who) like you was so professional and kind and so supportive to my family.

With thanks and best wishes,

Louise P.


Hi Benn

Good evening. I would like to take this opportunity to say from the bottom my heart thank you so very much  for the service, way you arranged our memories and told the story of our Mum, Nanny and great Nanny. This meant so much to myself, family and friends.

Benn one thing I can say for sure Mum would have liked you and would have enjoyed your company, of that I have no doubt.

Benn once again, THANK YOU

Thomas and family.

Thomas B.

Thank you very much.

On such a sad day, I didn’t feel worried inside, I felt really peaceful with you and my family…

I had a good experience in not a nice situation, it was a lovely service, very calm. It was very windy, the wind stopped, the sun came through the clouds.

You and Ben (the funeral director) were very calm. You delivered 100% . It was really nice – you understood our needs. You followed really nicely what exactly I needed, exactly the way I needed. You guys really listened.

Everyone has different needs and our choices were important. Thank you for listening. I feel peaceful (after the service).

Malgozata K.

Hi Benn

Thats us back in Scotland.

Thank you very much for everything you were very helpful.

All the family were happy with how the service went.

If you ever in Scotland get in touch and I will buy you a coffee !!!!! Very generous lol

Take care, thank you again sincerely, Alix 

Alix A.

Our diploma is assessed on a pass or fail basis, but if we had gradings Benn would certainly have achieved a distinction. His work was excellent throughout, showing great thoroughness and sensitivity. He has a deep understanding of what makes a funeral successful. The funerals he has written were well structured, thoughtful and moving. This is a challenging training requiring a great deal of work, which Benn has been determined to complete. I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

Simon Smith

Director, Green fuse

Just a little message to thank you for officiating at Peter’s funeral yesterday. Your homily was much appreciated, and just struck the right tone. Everyone was very happy with the way you conducted the sad occasion, helping us to say good-bye to our old friend.

Thank you very much.

 Best regards

Roy F.

Dear Benn

Just a message to say thank you.

I have spoken with P and she has said to say how pleased she was at the beautiful funeral you officiated for her late Mother and she is very pleased with you and how efficient you was in the arrangements for the funeral.

Thank you for everything, I will definitely  be in touch with you again soon,

Kindest Regards

Hayley M.

Funeral Arranger/ Administrator, John Nodes, Funeral Partners

Tony Callaghan

Director, Fitness for Folks

Thank you for your kindness. The service was just as we wanted it to be. I took some of the flowers from the top of the coffin arrangement for mum. They are flourishing. Thank you for everything that you’ve done.

Tracy L.

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