We don’t treat diseases, we treat the people who suffer from diseases.

~ Avicenna, The Physician movie

There are many ways to consider health and well-being. Interestingly, Avicenna’s ethos fits in with my approach to my practitioner work, and treatment. Anyone can treat symptoms, but, building a considered and caring care package for the individual, is quite another proposition.

People become unwell, or develop illnesses, from a variety of causes. The common factor between all of them, is that they are a person. A personality. An individual. The way their health is affected, is not them; it is a part of their life.

Any body that is suffering symptoms, will seek to re-balance and heal itself. Nature is powerful. Bodies always seek a sense of homeostasis (Greek for balance); any treatment protocol, method, or approach designed specifically for an individual provides the opportunity for healing.

It’s my view that people need to be heard, to feel cared for and understood; given a safe space to release their stress and fears, to recuperate their sensibilities. And then receive remedies to aid their recovery.

There are caveats to this paradigm – acute, life-threatening, contagious or severely damaged bodies require rapid and robust measures to start with. After that, a more natural approach can make a massive difference to the road to recovery.

Bottom-line, there are many paths to well-being. If you aren’t well, it’s worth considering working with a skilled, caring individual, practitioner, doctor or therapist, to empower your well-being.