Recent meetings, conversations and influences have pointed me towards the power and importance of living by a conscious set of choices, constructed on a foundation or basis of a strategy. Someone recently pointed to my being “like a rosebud, with a (self-imposed) elastic band around it” so unable to open and be a whole, self-expressed flower. This has been my strategy for so long; play small, hold my self down and hold my self within. Hidden and frightened of… The result: chaos in my head, in my emotions and in my life.

My better half has said for years, something along the lines of: when you are clear and (emotionally) honest, people will know, there’ll be queues around the block. People will come for your help. For my self, I’ve known for a very long time that I need to “work” on my self first, then everything will work. What’s actually happened, is that I’ve dithered and dashed backwards and forwards between chasing the poor penny, colluding with my delusions, talking my self into and out of fear and perceived incompetence; and wound myself up into a knot of pain infused with fantasies and nightmares.

My newly acquired awareness, my fresher perspectives point me towards my personal integrity. My inner core of wholeness, the diamond beneath the crap and veneer. I am referred constantly back to understanding and caring for me in an honest, caring and kind, loving manner. Returning to myself is not a matter of force and leverage and work, just the decision to release the “other” that I keep in the way and use to resist.

Last night, I watched 1,000 words with Eddie Murphy killing a tree – a living, breathing metaphor of his life – as a gabbler, for each word he spoke, the tree dropped a leaf and headed him ever closer to his own death. The life of the tree and his life were tied to each other. The end of the movie was about his last words were to apologise and forgive himself. Simple. His atonement to himself, his sorrow, his shame and his anger had to shift in the only way he would accept, reason or understand. He had to face and be challenged in the way he’d learn because the mountain was too big, unless he changed, it would be fatal. And it was. The death of the alter-ego that inhibited him and his life.

My new strategy needs to reflect this; time for a change, by no other change than to re-lease and realise and re-align and re-Be who I am in my own story and life. Sincere, open, loving and true to my self. In my own integral honesty, I am real, I am amazing, I embody love and am a decent and true human being, living in synergy and in symbiosis with the beauty and wonder of the world I live in. I choose to no longer struggle and suffer in my own constructed and created dramas. I choose to challenge and to communicate what’s in me. If it’s in my mind, I believe that it may be in the minds of others, too. Let’s explore these secrets and issues and release ourselves from their bounds and bonds. Be free to understand and free to see that what we think we know, might be no more than an illusion, of confusion, that need not be there in any way, shape manner or form.

In business, as in life, wonky structures make for a poor experience for anyone involved. Clarity and integrity of purpose and delivery with a warmth of honesty, will allow little go a long way in achieving wonder. Just start with the clarity and honesty of mission and understanding, then much may happen and blossom and bloom.

Going forwards, I open my heart to breathe, to sing, to share and to express beauty. If I may, so may others. And together, we can maintain a sincere relationship with planet Earth, a place of abundant resources and wonder. Whilst it is sad that Earth is negatively influenced by Man whose confused rules, regulations and thinking mar and mess with the most clever and intricate systems and organised structure in order to make “more of it”. Left alone – as in Chernobyl – as it already is, is marvel enough. And it is this marvel that I and we can connect with, with beauty, and with integrity. With Love and with purpose.

What are your thoughts?

One small secret: your life follows a strategy, whether you’re aware of it or not. When you choose and decide the strategy, you empower yourself through your life. Time to choose.