Today is day one of my new series of How to Simple Guides to Improve Your Life. 

Life is a mix of complex and simple. Each can equally frustrate, confuse, be difficult to deal with, or manage.

These How To Simple Guides are intended to reduce stress, provide space to feel safer, and put you more in control of your life.

They are a mix of: Common-sense reminders. Ancient wisdom. Modern realisations. Together, they can make a difference. If you apply them.

The first How To is The K.I.S.S. Principle

When it came to planning my Mum’s funeral, we went for the Keep It Simple Stupid formula. And it worked very well indeed. That day was only the second time I ever spoke at a funeral; I have since held funerals for other people and their families, in exactly the same crematorium chapel.

K.I.S.S. can also mean Keep It Simple and Sweet. Same letters. Different attitude and approach. Too many things become complex, when they need not be. Different made-up rules. Family politics. Ego-driven awkwardness. Unnecessary irrelevancies.

Another part of being sweet, whilst simplifying, is to manage and maintain the needs of each person involved. By being kind. Being robust, whilst mild. And, being assertive, and protective of your own needs, too. When choosing to be sweet, with the choice to be simple, life and what we have to deal with, can be and become remarkably easy. And smooth.

Sweetness is about being integral to what requires being done. From that all can win, if they realise the value of what has to be achieved. Like I said, it’s all about attitude and approach.

Here’s a video of the article, with some extra thoughts thrown in:

Here are two more, if you’re interested:

In conversation with Olga Geidane

Me speaking on stage: