Today is day two of my new series of How to Simple Guides to Improve Your Life. 

Life is a mix of complex and simple. Each can equally frustrate, confuse or be difficult to deal with, or manage.

These How To Simple Guides are intended to reduce stress, provide space to feel safer, and put you more in control of your life.

They are a mix of: Common-sense reminders. Ancient wisdom. Modern realisations. Together, they can make a difference. If you apply them.

There are Only so Many Hours in any One Day

There’s only so much space in anyone person’s head to fit stuff into. Yes, we have smart technology; yes, we have time management systems; yes, we have all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to get more done. But, do we achieve more as a result?

I’ve noticed many people brilliant at getting lots achieved, most of them women who run homes, families and also work. They are mistresses of the clock, juggling so much. Yet, I find myself curious about a couple of things about time. The perception of time. The use of time. The illusion of time. Why is it that time can be long, or time can be short?

Different cultures work at different paces. Western work time, like so many others, can be fraught with pressure and hard, busy, activities, of the mind or body. Even both. Some people chase the clock, get huge amounts achieved, often get ill or sick as a result. They are not necessarily masters or mistresses of time. More they are slaves. However, some cultures run at a slower, more relaxed pace. The world still spins. Things get done; children fed. Life happens.

Many people work with time as their servant. Their smarter perception shatters the illusion of time poverty. Whilst they recognise we have 24 hours a day, they see these hours as a blessing to achieve what’s needed. They do not struggle and sacrifice peace of mind to get things done.

Do not envy these folk. Why not emulate their grace?

Below is the video of this article, plus some extra thoughts: