Today is day three my series of How to Simple Guides to Improve Your Life. 

Life is a mix of complex and simple. Each can equally frustrate, confuse or be difficult to deal with, or manage.

These How To Simple Guides are intended to reduce stress, provide space to feel safer, and put you more in control of your life.

They are a mix of: Common-sense reminders. Ancient wisdom. Modern realisations. Together, they can make a difference. If you apply them.

Good Food

When it comes to meals, there is no one size fits all. Everyone is different. 

Each person, body and cultural preference is unique. There is no one ideal dietary choice for all individuals. 

Quite literally: one man’s meat is another man’s poison. My meal preferences are not yours. And, I suspect, vice versa. That suits me fine. But not everyone. 

There’s always someone ready to criticise our choices, whether they’re meat, vegan, mono, keto, 5-2, pescatarian, vegetarian, or whatever. 

Each person’s metabolism and digestion requires nourishment appropriate to it. Food choices often revolve around proteins (meat, dairy, beans) and carbohydrates (potatoes, grains, or similar). Fruit and vegetables provide the broadest spectrum of vital nutrition. 

Good food choices for you, are those that fit your body requirements the best. Ideal foods are fresh, nutrient dense, with the least chemicals, and prepared for easy digestion. 

Also important: moderation in portion size, and plenty of water. Many people eat when they’re thirsty.