This year, I made another choice; at 53, it was time for a change and more clarity. I work with others seeking clarity and I needed to move along further in my own.

My trick this time is one we can all follow, I made a new choice. I’ve talked about and worked with choices and decisions for over three years. It was learn what I teach time.

For my business clarity, I chose to invest time and money in my marketing. Why was this powerful? And, why will my choice help you find clarity? Let’s explore and let me explain.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Which is as true today as the day he said it.

What he’s pointing at is: habitual thinking perpetuates actions that don’t work. But, believing repeating them will somehow make a difference! He’s also showing us that we get stuck and need to shake loose from our chosen ways and means.

Who knows if Einstein’s comment was a throw away line or not? And, why is it significant to both you and to me? Because: the choices and decisions we make today are often the same as those we made yesterday or the day before. And will be our future, until we change our minds.

Having changed my mind about marketing, my message and my niche, I found clarity. Because of the process? Possibly. But for certain, it helped. What changed were my perspective and my attitude.

About the benefits –

  • Getting an excellent marketer onboard to coach me through the process
  • Gathering together an overview of my current marketing mess
  • Simplifying my messages, niche, process and activities (gaining clarity)
  • Sticking through the process of challenging my own procrastinating
  • Focussing on the personal benefits
  • Spin-offs include:

o  Sorting out many other unfinished tasks, chores and frogs rotting in bottom drawers

o  Clearer thinking

o  More settled moods

o  More focus in general and in specific for various business tasks

o  More creativity

o  More confidence in what I do and what my business looks like

o  More ease in how I deal with things and

o  Better Aikido – a martial art that always reflects how life is going on in your head!

My option of marketing was the aspect I choose. I could have chosen another part of my life to focus on. The difference was I chose to do something another way. It was that simple (following years of getting to make that choice).

What is it you need to be different in your world? How long have you waited to make the decision to change it? How about doing something different from your creature of habit lifestyle? Not a creature of habit? You sure?

How about the following:

Do you get dressed in the same order everyday?

Do you travel regular routes, exactly the same way, each time you travel them?

Do you only take your hot or cold drinks in “just such a way” each time?

How about your personal hygiene? Same routines each time – sequence, number of repetitions etc.?

Your meal choices – Tuesday means? Sunday lunchtime is…?

Do you ever question things you already know you know? Your cultural upbringing, religious views or political views?

These questions may be far too radical as a group. Seeking clarity by reviewing any one of them can shift your life perspective. Also bring you a greater sense of calm and choices and options beyond your wildest dreams.

You have choices available to you. Maybe you’ve forgotten to know them. Now’s a good time to have another look.

Told you; you might learn something from my experience (and Einstein’s definition).

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