It’s quite simple, we are not all the same. Some of us naturally feel something is missing in our lives. And, no matter what anyone says about the rest of life, this feels to be a truth. One that cannot be denied.

How do I know this? Because I have personal, first-hand experience and knowledge of the effects of these feelings. My world can become frozen. Can become too much to face and to handle. Yet, I’m still here. And I understand. And I know ways through the maze towards where health is true and requires no fix.

Feeling incomplete, because of this missing-ness feels a daily devastation. As if a pit of despair is ready to gobble you up whole and without compromise. Any feeling of dread or shame (I am bad) can follow this experience. Perturbed, disturbed, melancholic and despair are all children of the issue.

What is a pity, is that these feelings of missing something are just that: feelings. They feel real, they direct so many choices and they debilitate and undermine. But they are not real. They are not you. They are but a set of emotions built on stories that are handed down through family, community, society and all that entails. They are not you.

Life is a mix of breathing, thinking, beliefs, stories and actions that we follow each and every moment. When we think something is real and or true, our consciousness creates that reality for us. And that reality can be true for a moment or for a lifetime. The missing experience can dominate throughout life, until challenged for the hoodwink it plays on us.

We are born complete and fresh. Untainted. Until we accept and adopt the ripples and waves and storms of the world around us, until the confusions make a sense of sorts and become our beliefs of “this is how it is” and “this is who and how I am”. Unless other things or drivers push or pull us in other directions.

What men define as real is real in its consequences. – W I Thomas

I have friends and patients that I’ve worked with, or work with, that question their place in the world and how to live in it. With perspective and changed views or different actions, they’ve found new ways to perceive and to change the direction they thought their destiny was taking them.

Sometime all that needs to change in life is a change of perception through understanding, gathered from conversations. Through being really heard – a rare and special experience I’ve always treasured, whichever end of the conversation I am on at the time – it is possible to re-view life and realise there are always options. How about a conversation?

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