Knowing what to do can be tricky. Do the same as usual? Do something different? Explore? Get curious? What about…?

I’ve been exploring this “knowing what to do” recently. I’ve had to get myself to get stuff done. Stuff I’ve avoided; stuff I need to do, stuff that is life make or break. And yet, I still feel – even in knowing – procrastination holding my lead foot down hard the brake.

What’s interesting is that even though I (or we) know something, often I (or we) don’t! It’s a strange irony, we never actually know what happens next, though we like to think we do. Even if the only evidence we have is only our thinking. Want proof? Take movies or arguments or “definites” we know are coming next, only to be proved wrong!

What’s interesting is that, as I watch myself, I can see things must / need to change and yet, even with clarity, I can still see I choose not to. Strange choice, huh? I want different but stop myself doing different. And, I’d take a safe bet that I’m not the only person who feels like this.

There are clues that show the need for different in life which include:

  • Feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, depression or anxiety
  • Not looking for helpful, positive ways to improve our life lot – getting more work in, taking more exercise, improved self-care (however you see that to be)
  • Chaos in its different forms: relationships in tatters, finances a mess & debt, compulsive, self-destructive behaviours – affairs, gambling, drug use, etc. etc.

Not knowing what to do is far more common than we may think. Having opinions are rife but actual, clear understanding of one’s own needs, and the common sense to go with it, is actually a far rarer commodity.

What would you rather have: a clarity of your own authentic needs or a.n.other “solution” or avoidance? Perhaps it’s simply time for a review?

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