I’m always curious about humans and how we live. A recent visit to Rudyard Kipling’s home in Sussex set me on a course I never anticipated.

Reading his short stories and his autobiography got me into a mindset of late nineteenth into early twentieth century.

Alongside this, I’ve recently read a science fiction book about future and ancient visioning. And, for some reason, I’ve become acutely aware of the speed of change in the world we live in.

Only a few short years ago, much of what’s taken for granted today, was not even a dream of being conceived. We didn’t just “Google” or “Face Time” or use thousands of modern AI inventions as an integral part of our lives.

Computers are clever, no doubt about it, when they are well-programmed, and perform as required and expected. What is an issue is that we are no smarter as a species as a result of the technological boom. Our thinking hasn’t necessarily changed and we dumb down the abilities we have at hand, prostituting our inherent qualities at the altar of (an apparent) wonder beyond our true comprehension.

AI replaces some functions but fails in the human and humane acts of sense, empathy, intuition, kindness, care and observation. Yes, its ability to not be emotionally involved, to be cold, detached and aloof, means it remains uninfluenced by the messiness of human behaviours. The big but, remains, in that it has no soul and sense of well being, loss, Love or despair that a human may experience.

Change in our world is rich and ripe and increasingly rapid as developments follow on the heels of each other at break-necked speed. Within the vacuum of this whirlwind is a baring of the human soul’s vulnerability where an integrity of spirit sharing an essence previously untold in the detail it is today.

I read, watch and hear stories of people choosing to include strangers in their suffering with a dignity, authentic understanding and candour. As they die, as they realise, as they release their lives and face into death, the beauty of their understanding.

Real people share as they unfold how they are in the face of traumas we may never wish on ourselves or friends or family. Unfettered, their pain is allowed voice and allowed to touch other’s inner worlds and to expand their understanding. These tales and those of the loved ones left behind become bestsellers and conduits of understanding.

Technology empowers our opportunities to reach audiences unheard of before and to spread messages of understanding and hope. We can reach each other as we plug in and we can share our wisdoms, experiences, hopes, dreams and to connect.

We get to choose; our choices to use the power to connect, are ours; we decide how we can find and build our inner confidences and understandings. Or not.

There is plenty of the human condition bared and ready for consumption if we but choose to find and empathise with and, hopefully, become more tolerant, understanding and compassionate beings.

We know not what our fellow man or woman goes through; we can understand when our own stuff is not in the way. By being aware of others and their needs; we can actively choose to be kind to them for we know suffering hurts.

Compassion and empathy do not hurt or cause us trauma or pain; they are easy to give. Each is within our power of choice and we can gift any of them to both others and ourselves. We don’t need AI for this. We just need to be considerate. However, in today’s world, consideration is much like common sense, relatively uncommon!

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