From personal experience, it’s easy to dwell in the basement of living. No matter how good it gets, how life becomes the dream, safe and wonder-filled, the basement can always kick in and take over.

In the basement lives all the perceived truth about the fears, the dreads, the skeletons and the darkness of the I knows that are all about the pain, the suffering of the past and the traumas that we perceive are the reality of our existence. In the basement, the lowest common denominator, lives all that bad we know will happen; no matter what we see is now coming into the life we experience.

This is sad. That the past that knows this, is not the present, nor is it the evidence of the future. The past may hold shadows, pain and people, places and circumstances that felt true then. The past may also hold the ways we didn’t and couldn’t deal with what happened; and the ways we used to cope then. There may be scars, there may trust issues and there may be brilliance inside and hope for a future so opposite to the past. But, is there trust? Is there the possibility? Is there a bright future awaiting you, me, us stepping forward?

Well, one thing for sure is that no-one knows the future. No-one knows what is next and in actuality, no-one really knows the past. We have pictures, we have stories and memories we tell ourselves. And, and we have survived. And having survived, we have a new future we can live into. Because we allow ourselves to release the demons that jump out to convince us there is no truth in a future where dreams can and do come true.

In the now, there is possibility; in trusted and safe relationships, there is possibility; in our futures, whatever they may be, there are possibilities; we don’t know what they are and may be, but they are possible. Our pasts are not the possibilities of our future. They are dead and buried in the unconscious and the habits of memories. They are not now. They’re not in life today unless allowed to be present.

The challenges, and the gifts that stimulate us to grow, are the present(s) for us to face, to open up to, or be broken open by. These are the traumas that allow us to develop and deliver into the world, the strengths and wonders hidden within, ready for sharing and ripe for the world to receive, regardless of whether or if, we are ready for them to arise and step out freely into the light.

Ultimately, whilst we can live in the basement, we cannot thrive in the basement. We can climb out and climb up into the realm of the heart and the realm of the spirit. We can gather our strength, our wisdom and hard-won wonder to step with gorgeousness and brilliance forwards on the paths to our future. Whatever happens next will be our future, might as well do it in style!

What do you reckon?