Telling people I’m a Funeral Celebrant is interesting. Some are fascinated. Some are horrified. And think it morbid. They just see it as dealing with the dead.

In fact, it is the exact opposite.

My work is to acknowledge, represent and celebrate the life of a person who has died, for those gathered to remember them. And to say goodbye.

I get to cherish the one who has died. I get to share their life story, quirks and idiosyncracies. And to say the farewell for their loved ones. It’s an honour. Often a time full of beauty. Often unique. Often loving. Often special.

Sadness still occurs. Grief still happens. Family find the courage to speak; tributes and poems read. Love is shared by family and friends.

The above proves a funeral need not be sombre. Or dark. They can also be light, irreverent, even humorous. And a time full of Love.

The Dickensian funeral experience is no longer de rigueur. Funerals. Have. Changed.

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